„Letters to Steve…

…Inside the E-Mail Inbox of Apple’s Steve Jobs“. Der Titel lässt den Inhalt problemlos erahnen: Das neue eBook, verfasst vom CNN-Autor Mark Milian, enthüllt den Nachrichten-Verkehr, der von  Jobs öffentlichem E-Mail-Postfach ausgegangen sein soll. Als Grundlage des Buches dienen Interviews mit Fans und Kunden von Apple.

Hier ein kleiner Vorgeschmack:

Dear Steve Jobs,

I wanted to write and express my concern about some recent problems that I have had with Apple Care. This week, my MacBook Pro unfortunately sustained water damage. I understand this is entirely my fault but it is still something I would like to get fixed. After three or four calls I was finally able to get a straight answer. While I was happy to get a straight answer, I was not at all happy with the answer. It is very worrisome to me that the only way to get my computer fixed is to pay almost $300.00 up front with no guarantee that this will fix the problem. I was horrified to learn that their is no system to assess the problem and bill once all damage is known. I am reluctant to put money into a problem that could easily grow. I have had three Apple computers in a row. I love using them but I am not sure if my replacement will be one. I feel powerless in the situation and the whole experience has turned me off of the Apple company.

This is what happens when your MacBook Pro sustains water damage.They are pro machines and they don’t like water. It sounds like you’re just looking for someone to get mad at other than yourself.


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